Aeroo Reports in OpenERP

Aeroo Reports

A solution to export reports into Excel for further process.  Details are on their  website and website2

The videos explain how to setup OpenOffice as a service, but don't explain how to do this on on Windows 7 or 8.... 

The videos guide you through setting up Windows XP. You need to set up a new windows user 'OpenOfficeService' and install window resource tool kit, which I didn't do as I'm running Windows 8 on my PC and have a Ubuntu Application Server. A new video is required from Aeroo for Windows 7 /8 installation as I didn't have time to work this out. 

There is an installation manual for installation on Ubuntu Server not too surprising I couldn't get a connection and  the .pdf conversion working,correctly...even though it still generates text files that are well formated in OpenOffice. It includes some extra scripting commands and support for barcode printing on the report. See the really nice looking reports that is attached in the attachments section below together with the template that is referenced in OpenERP.
  • Example aeroo template file.sxw
  • Example Report from Aeroo.odt


OpenERP module and the Python library