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OpenERP Test Drive

Fill in the demo request below and a link to an on-line demo solution will be sent to you. 

To avoid being overwhelmed with the full Open-ERP functionality - only certain core modules that represent a typical logical process have been pre-installed - including demo data. This should be sufficient to give you a good impression of the functionality and the general look & feel of the application. 

Ensure to work through the demo using a systematic methodology,  using business processes i.e. starting with the creation of a sale quotation using existing PC products and a customer -> print the quotation -> convert this to a sales order -> covert to a delivery order & picking list -> Print invoice and experiment with the various reports and watch how stock are reduced in the warehouse.  

If you like what you see and like to evaluate the full functionality - then just download the full-version to your PC. 

Access to OpenERP Demo