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OpenERP v7.0 - Overview

OpenERP 7.0 Release Notes


1. Introduction

2. User productivity: a tremendous leap forward

2.1. Status bar, Buttons and Breadcrumbs show you how to navigate and proceed

2.2. Views appear now like real documents

2.3. Sleeker Kanban views, tailor made

2.4. Animations also guide you to the next step

2.5. Search more easily, with many advanced options

2.6. The new menu structure: rapidly getting to the point

2.7. “Need Action” indicators highlight what actions the user needs to undertake

2.8. Centralized configuration for all your modules

2.9. No more confusion between “Stage” and “State”

2.10. User interface content now reflects users’ access rights

2.11. Smarter system feedback

3. New and Improved Apps

3.1. Social Network

3.1.1. The conversation feature

3.1.2. Groups and mailing lists

3.1.3. Your inbox is a stream, enabling you to take actions

3.1.4. Conversations around business documents

3.1.5. Users can follow what is of interest to them

3.2. Getting to grips with POS: out of the box and more robust

3.3. Your personal productivity tools: notes, tasks and collaborative pads

3.4. Events Organization

3.5. Contract Management

3.6. Project Management

3.7. Enter timesheets in mere seconds

3.8. Attendance management with improved sign-in/sign-out

3.9. OpenERP facilitates fleet management

3.10. Leaner Expense Management Process.

3.11. Better Contacts Management

3.11.1. Adapt OpenERP to B2C: “Partners” become “contacts”

3.11.2. OpenERP users are contacts too

3.11.3. Automate contacts creation : LinkedIn integration

3.12. Better internationalization

3.12.1. Adaptations in address formats and reports

3.12.2. Adaptations in monetary information

3.13. Manage company meals

4. New and Improved Features

4.1. Categorize using tags

4.2. Lowering the barrier to import data

4.3. Sign in with Google and Facebook

4.4. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate

4.5. Data visualization revisited: our new graph views

4.6. Google Docs integration: using spreadsheets and text files

4.7. Automated Translations: Gengo integration

4.8. Data exchange enhancements: Portal and EDI

4.9. Better module descriptions

4.10. Email aliases

4.11. Process automation through easy configuration of products

4.12. Better demo data

5. Improved Business Flows

5.1. Sale order enhancements

5.2. Purchase order improvements

5.3. Delivery enhancements

5.4. Reception improvements

5.5. Invoicing enhancements

5.6. Payments

5.7. Reconciliation

6. Your OpenERP transformed into an Apps Suite

6.1. Splitting Sales & stock management

6.2. Splitting Calendar and CRM

6.3. Splitting Project and Accounting

6.4. Splitting Expenses and Invoicing

6.5. Splitting Reception and delivery

6.6. Splitting Address Book and Sales/CRM

6.7. Splitting Timesheets and Attendances

6.8. Moving Global Attachments to the Document Management App

7. The Enhanced OpenERP Services

7.1. Install any module in one click

7.2. Maintenance

7.3. Updates

7.4. Migration

7.5. Summary

8. New, Moved or Deleted Modules

8.1. Modules that have been added to the official distribution

8.2. Modules that have been removed from the official release


The release notes document is also available as a .pdf  for offline read -> here

Here is a link to the release Notes: http://www.openerp.com/node/1272

Colin Bacon,
Nov 22, 2012, 5:13 AM