Module - Product Serial Numbers

This is a documentation of community modules that I've tested in OpenERP 7.0. Some of these community modules are reported to be available for the V7.0 trunk version. This document describes the additional functionality the module offers.  If any errors are detected then these are also commented as reference. Any errors will be investigated at a later date.  

Documentation from Author:
The documentation from the author does not have adequate description or process flow of how this module is intended to work.

Test Results:

The community module version from 2013.02.15 caused an error in OpenERP 7 

error with: 
stock.view_picking_delivery_form (product_view.xml)
stock.view_normal_stock_property_form  (stock_move_view.xml)
Error Message: 

ERROR demo1 Parse error in /opt/openerp/server/openerp/addons/serial_number/produc                 t_view.xml:20:

ERROR demo1 openerp.netsvc: No such external ID currently defined in the system: stock.view_normal_stock_property_form

  • Contact the author for latest updates
  • These references to inherited views need to be updated and re-tested.