Module - Unique serial number management

mrp_prodlot_autosplit - 




Turns production lot tracking numbers into unique per product instance code (serial number).Moreover, it 

1) adds a new checkbox on the product form to enable or disable this behavior (you should also enable in/out tracking)

2) then forbids to perform a move if a move involves more than one product instance 

3) automagically splits up picking list movements into one movement per product instance 

4) turns incoming pickings into an editable grid where you can directly type the code of a new production number/code to create and associate to the move (it also checks it doesn't exist yet)Important 

Note 1: serial numbers are more easily encode using an editable tree grid, including a special field with new serial to be created. However, there is currently a limitation in the OpenObject framework preventing from easily changing non editable trees to editable trees by simple extension. 

Rather than overwriting all views, we prefer give only one example: the active customied view for easy serial encoding is available using Stock Management > Incoming Products. Looking that that view definition, the same thing is easily achieved in other picking list, like out going products for instance. However it's not "on" by default, you would need to work it out for your case. Meanwhile, we hope Tiny add a third "merge_attributes" view extension point to the 3 existing ones: "before", "after" and "replace". 

It would basically simply merge the attributes given (redefined) in the original view XML and let inner content unchanged. Blueprint is registred here: 

Note 2: this module doesn't split product bill of materials in MRP since they don't use pickings A good workaround when generating production orders manually one by one is too define several lines of individual products in nomemclatures and produce 1 by 1 (if possible) to make it easier to encode unique prodlot in production orders too. We would also like to extend this module to split automatic production orders (from MRP engine) into several individual production orders in order to make it easy to encode the serial numbers in the production. Let us know if you would like that simple extension to be made.