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What is OpenERP 7.0?

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OpenERP is an Integrated Suite of Open Source Business Apps A solution for  small and medium sized companies and self employed people.

 OpenERP is a complete modular Business Application suite. It's open Source & FREE to download and use. It's also an European developed solution - with over 80 available languages & multiple currencies and chart of accounts - ideal for International businesses and trading.

Remember - that OpenERP and all its modules are fully Open Source, released under the AGPL license. That means you don't pay any licence fees on any of the official modules and you can download and use the whole suite Licence FREE !

Modular Concept

The modular concept of OpenERP means that all modules can work as either a 'stand-alone' module or can used together with other modules to build a complete end-to-end business flow - for example order-to-cash or purchase-order-to payment! 

You just need to install the modules you need. Other modules can be installed any time later - sharing all core master-data between modules. 

Workflow and Process Driven Solutions

As OpenERP is a web enabled 'workflow and process' driven application, you can easily adjust the OpenERP workflow to suit your specialised business processes and workflows.  There are also 1000's of industry specific solutions available as additional 'Apps' to install.  You'll see that by using open-source solutions and joining the OpenERP community you'll inherit high-end technology at a fraction of the costs! 

Default Sales Workflow   

No Dreaded 'Lock-In'

OpenERP is developed on Python, Java and PostgreSQL; an Open Source development environment which gives you peace of mind your solution is non-propriety and avoids the dreaded 'lock-in' - commonly found with commercial solutions. With open source, there is a lot of leverage with the vendor. If you don’t like the particular vendor it’s pretty simple for you to pick it up and take it somewhere else.

High ROI and Low TCO

Open Source Apps generally give a much higher ROI and much lower IT/IS 'Total Cost of Ownership' (TCO)

Good references are companies that have already migrated to using opensource solutions such as MySQLLinix / Red Hat / Ubuntu, Talend, Apache, OpenOffice, Google mail, Android, etc. Let's face it - most of the Internet is driven by Open Source applications!   Havard and MIT have also recently signed a joint venture to build on MITx and Harvard  distance learning solution - using an open-source on-line learning platform.

It is always recommend to keep modifications of an ERP system to an absolute minimum. This keeps implementation and maintenance costs down.  However OpenERP is flexible enough, should your business demands customised processes -  Opensource is a better platform to build on  -> read more.

As with any IT software solution - 'free' Open-Source software - in this case means free licences & FREEDOM to use - It however doesn't necessarily mean totally free of implementation and operation costs. Depending on the size of your organisation you still have your own costs to consider and for larger companies you will need to initiate a structured project and allocate resources to configure, train key and end-users and support the roll-out the solution for your needs - with in-house or external resources.

An open source system should normally end up costing roughly about half of what a proprietary system would cost. While many of the costs are the same - whether you are choosing open source or commercial software – such as establishing the project; going through evaluating processes; tweaks; customisation and training – you will primarily  save on ongoing licensing and maintenance cost if you choose open source.  

Implementation Partner

As a specialist in OpenERP,  BACON:CONSULT are experts with the integration of OpenERP with your business systems and support with your OpenERP implementation project 

BACON:CONSULT is your OpenERP implementation partner. We are based near Aachen (NRW) / Maastricht /EuroRegio zone areas. We also offer international remote support and on-site implementation, training, and operations.  

If you are going for an open source ERP system, don’t try to do it yourself. There is a huge learning curve and you really do need to engage external expertise. 

"If you are getting some extra software developed, make sure it gets back out to the community - so they can review, evaluate and improve on it even further", Bacon says. “That will most probably bring benefit for you further down the track"

BACON:CONSULT is an official trained OpenERP partner. We can offer out-the-box implementation assistance or support you with your implementation project. 

We use a proven Agile & Rapid implementation approach, we can implement your solution according to a roadmap that suits your growth strategies and your budget. We work together with trusted Partners and off-shore development teams to ensure the right resources and skills are available for your project. 

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