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White Papers

White Papers

Guide to Open Source

More than 150 solutions and 300 Assessed referenced in 40 Areas of expertise. >>

Understanding open source

This white paper is an introduction to the Open Source Phenomenon, the biggest revolution since the Internet Affecting IT. Its history, philosophy, major figures, business, media and development models. >>

EDM open source solutions

This white paper AIMS to present our approach to document management in relation to content management, and to assist you in the selection of open source solutions for your projects. >>

Open source CMS solutions

Smile's white paper presents an introduction to the Fundamental Concepts of CMS and the implementation of These Systems. >>

Open source BI solutions

This white paper presents the Core Principles of business intelligence and a full overview of the best open source solutions in this domain. >>

open source e-Commerce

This white paper presents year overview of the best e-commerce tools and the Fundamental Concepts of a trading site. >>

Corporate Social Networks

Overview of the hand tools and concepts of a functional CSN >>