Building Reports using Quick Viewer

This tool provides and easy way to create some quick reports. I've used this for QA of data in tables during testing,  datamigration and cutover.

Tools/ABAP Workbench/Utilities/QuickViewer or Transaction SQV1 (A part of Sap Query)

1. Enter name and comments
2. Select "join" if you intend to create joins to other tables and press Enter
3. Select this icon

4. A pop-up appears where you need to put in a table name. In this example I use the tables related to a sales order:
  • VBAK
  • VBAP
  • VBEP
5. The relationship to the table is automatically determined.

6. Press Back button

7. The selected tables will be displayed in a the left window pane. It also displays the technical name,  which is useful for many tasks. 

In the right window pane there are tabs with two section. The right section display all the fields. A copy of the tables and fields displayed oin the left window:
  • List Field Selection - These are the fields that will be displayed on the report. Select the required field in the right section "available fields" and then press the left arrow icon to place it into "fields in list" section^. Alternatively select the check-box in the left windows and the fields then are automatically added to the "Fields in List" section
  • Sort Sequence - Fields to be used for sort sequence (same process as above) 
  • Selection Fields - The query fields when running the report
  • Data Sources - Access to the table join data.
8. When done press execute or F8